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The Gaia Bracelet features:
–– Vintage brass surrounding a blue cabochon charm made in Germany
––Thick gold plated stainless steel chain

Total Length: Adjustable 6-7"

Please bare in mind that imperfections such as slight discoloration, residue, and tarnishing are normal due to the nature of vintage and pre-owned items. All measurements are approximate.

Cleaning Brass
Wipe brass using a soft cloth with brass metal polish (such as Brasso, Pledge, etc). This will clean and polish the metal.

General Care
Please remove jewelry when exercising, bathing, swimming and cleaning. Metal oxidizes with time and exposure to different elements. While this is normal, contact with other liquids and excess moisture can expedite this process. 

Store your jewelry in segmented drawers or in a clean, dry jewelry box. We advise you to store your jewelry in The Library jewelry box/pouch (provided for every order) to reduce potential environmental or physical damage.