DENIM STUDY 09 [27-28]

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One of a kind hand painted denim with vintage matchbox prints/elements.

Length: 40.5” / Waist: 27-28”

Each piece goes through an extensive process of washing, bleaching, hand painting and heat setting. While the complexity of each design varies, it takes approximately 40 hours to complete each piece.

All denim pieces were specially selected and sourced locally then hand painted with different vintage-inspired elements. These pre-owned denim pieces were upcycled to reduce post-consumer waste and extend product lifespan. The Library does not claim ownership and is not associated with any of these brands.

General Care
All pieces are hand painted using a mixture of textile and acrylic paint. Spot clean or hand wash your item only when needed to preserve the design. Do not use a washing machine or dryer. Avoid ironing and using harsh chemical products. Hang to avoid crumpling and always treat item with care.